Toasting Wet Socks

WILD WOMAN WEEKEND #1, 2016,  AUGUST 5th & 6th 11:00 am SATURDAY to 1:00 pm SUNDAY NOW OPEN 


Is your soulskin drying up and in need of water? Welcome to one way of many to release your Wild Woman from the bonds of domesticity. This wheel is an intensive exploration into the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. It is the four webs put into one with the addition of camping out under the stars. It is geared for anyone who has an open mind and a sense of adventure.


For woman who are afraid of getting dirty be warned, this weekend wheel discards concern for outer appearances of beauty and promotes bringing our inner beauty to light.  It is about finding that big belly laugh which leaves your abs feeling like you've done 200 sit ups.


This weekend does not involve high physical risk activities such as rock climbing or white water navigation yet it is created to stretch, challenge and refresh. It is acknowledged that every woman is at a different spot in the wheel of life. All are encouraged to respect their innner wisdom, and only partake in activities they are ready for.


The riverbed location lends itself to muddy fun for those who choose to become slippery otters. Bring along a swim suit and towel. 

Wild Women in Water



                       We turn our backs and giggle,


                       take the now or never plunge.


                       Arise beside the willow web,


                       Muddy Goddesses.