Release your instinctual Wild spirit in a safe and trusting environment.

climbing the spiral staircase



Online WHEEL,

7-9pm 13 weeks $480.


The 'Wild Woman Way' Wheel is not a circle, but a spiral that moves in, out and around. It is the inhalation and exhalation of life and death twisting up the spinal cord of the Multiverse. There is nothing static or completely predictable about it, for it is alive. It is about our relationship within and without to ourselves and to all of creation. It is as unique as each individual person. The Norns have spun, woven and cut the thread to who we are.        


The wild woman way honours the seasons  and ryhthms of both the Sun and the Moon. It begins right after the Norse Jul (Yule). It recognizes that life begins as a seed in the Womb of Winter before the plant emerges from the Earth in Spring. It extends across 13 weeks, giving participants ample time to integrate the knowledge offered and transform it into their own Wild Woman Wisdom. 

As Maiden, Mother and Crone we will explore Moon's and Sun's rhythms and their energetic effect upon our bodies, mind, emotions and spirit. Shamanic story, song, drum, dance, and meditation will assist us as we shapeshift into different realities and let ourselves be empowered by our wild woman within. We will tap into our instinctive nature to understand and thrive rather than just survive, allowing ourselves to be guided by Gaia and initiate the wild woman within. If you are energetically and spiritually ready to committ to 13 weeks on the wild side, email winddance@live.ca.

Full Wheel cost is $480 Canadian dollars 




************************************************************************************ 3.                                           WILD WOMAN WEEK END WHEEL  2020 # 1     

Overnight shamanic exploration of Earth, Air, Fire and Water -28hrs

Aug. 8th , 11:00 am - Aug. 9th, 3p.m., $333 before August 1st and $400 after. Due to the level of interaction and the type of activities involved there is a limit of four participants for this wheel. Location - WindDance 





Advance shamanic exploration of the four elements Earth, Air , Fire and Water

- 32 hrs  September  9th to the 11th $400.

Prerequisite WWW#1  Meeting location Dunvegan boat launch. 




The Mighty Peace River



This weekend is similar to #1 yet more intense. The four elelments will be explored at a more powerful level. There is a sightly higher physical risk component with the inclusion of a Peace River kayak trip. We will be far from domestic shelter hence our need to be aware and prepared is important. There are no rapids in the route we will be paddling. For any one who has kayaked before this will, more than likely, be a mellow experience, yet the power of Water can not be denied. There is a huge river to flow with externally and internally.


The Earth element can sink us up to our arm pitts in glorious mud and is speckled with Wildlife such as deer, bear, and moose.


The power of Fire is felt with the summer sun being at its peak in strength and duration. Night fall is just a dimming of light for about few hours.


The power of Air is felt in the wind, if she comes whistling down the river and in releasing our own breath with chants that echo back to us across the river valley.    

Just as we have increased the physical risk factor with greater exposure to the power of the elements, in Wild Woman Weekend #2 there will also be opportunities to explore Wild Woman Shamanic Ways at a deeper level. 




Silken Water,        









                                                                                             my Soul.