SACRED WATER  June 14th 2 pm -6 pm



We are all formed of water. It mingles within blood  pulsing through our veins. It is found within our thoughts and dreams... dew drops, waiting to evaporate in the morning sun.  It adapts to its environment by changing its form, turning to frost or ice in the cold and into steam with heat, evaporating to reappear later as rain.Water teaches us how to flow, how to move with the gradient rather than work against it.


In this web of no more than six women we explore the element of Water, becoming at one with how it flows, discovering how moving water creates currents of energy which need to be respected, how still waters sink slowly into the soil  nurturing the Earth, our body. Story, song, drum, dance, and meditation are used to enhance the process. The physical awareness and understanding of water is then applied to the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Bring a swimming suit and towel.


Carve me out, sweet current


let mud release its hold.


Cleanse me, in your whirl pool,


wash my tears away.



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