SACRED FIRE WEB   June 20th 2020. 10 pm dusk until 6 am  Open


We all have a fire burning within us. Women and men need to keep this fire well stoked to warm our physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Each gender faces unique challenges which come with domesticity. All paths are honoured yet in this web... this sacred space, we speak with our sisters, 

remembering our ancestral strength and redefining power as giving life rather than taking life.


In this 8 hour Web women gather together in groups of no more than eight, to explore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection with the Element of Fire. We learn, in the physical, how to nurture a spark and grow a blazing Fire to keep us warm.

Understanding of how Fire works in the physical  becomes a bridge to exploring our inner fires. The shamanic aspects of story, song, meditation, drum and dance are used to raise a Wild Fire of passion and healing, within and without. This powerful Wild Fire guides women to bond with life and embrace its magic.

We feed the Wild Fire within, clear out old patterns of timidity and make room for new undergrowth which nurtures us, our loved ones and the Earth.                            


From spark to flame!


Like a speck of star dust


dancing to the Earth,


kindled from a memory,


I spiral to my birth.




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