SACRED EARTH WEB     Date: June 14th  9:30 am until 1:30 pm



We all walk upon this sacred Earth, our shells formed with Birth and left as fossils with Death. Like grains of sand each life experience gives us an opportunity to change shape, to find balance between our inner and outer world.

This Web of no more than 12 women we explore the physical aspect of Earth recognizing her strength within us. We create art out of clay from the river and earthen treasures found in the woods. We step into becoming Art. Story, song, dance, drum, meditation and shamanic journeying are used to increase our connection to Earth energies, to help us extend our roots and go deep, down the wombline, into the core and substance of our being.  In this web the bones of the earth become our own.

Last Climb


I scrambled up the Mountain top


alone upon the rock.


I find you there to greet me,


the bones of who you were.



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