Wings in Wind

                       SACRED AIR WEB    Open



We all breathe Air in....and out. It sustains our physical life. We feel Air as it caresses our skin, flutters our hair, and moves through our bodies...yet Air can only be seen by what it touches and how it touches. 



In this 4 hour web, of no more than 12 women, we explore the element of Air. We use breathing and song to expand our understanding of how Air moves through our bodies and can be channeled for our rejuvination. We explore the wind of Nature and create our own through movement and dance. Story, song, drum, dance, meditation, feathers and fabric assist us in feeling the freedom of flight. 


My Nordic sister Janina, master flute joiker

This year (2014) I have the special treat of having Janina Skutle Carlstad as my  

co-facilitator for the Air web.


She is well known in the Peace Region for the beautiful tones and spirit of nature that she brings forth from her North American flutes.

She has recently returned from a stint as the Pine Bungalos artist/musician in residence in Jasper Alberta.

singing my inner song


           I close my eyes and disappear


         to find the song within.


         The breath of spirit


         touches me...


         wind dance of my soul.



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