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Wild Woman  Ways has been spinning a web in the Peace Region. Want to find out more about available courses and gatherings? Read what participants have to say.




YARROW (a.k.a. Christina)

Yarrow Wolf Willow is our Wheel and Web guide for Wild Woman Ways, a SolLuna celebrant, Sol Us guide and nordic Vitki. She has a deep love for Mama Nature and has taken many steps upon her sacred ground. Long ago her love of Nature led her to major in Outdoor Pursuits at the University of Calgary (near the Rocky Mountains in Canada), where she recieved her Physical Education Degree. From there she became a wilderness instructor with 'Outward Bound' and other Outdoor Adventure Centers, which saw Nature as a means to rehabilitate troubled youth. During the first two years of her thirty plus marriage she lived in a tipi, nestled in the mountains of B.C..

She deveoped Wild Woman ways, as an accumulation of her experience as an artist, dancer, doula, drummer, councellor, fitness guide, life cycle celebrant, published writer, reiki master, scuptor, singer, storyteller, and wilderness leader. She draws upon her life experience and connection to all of nature in order to help others embrace their Wild Woman Within.



Tara is our resident horse whisperer who keeps our horses gentle and receptive. She can often be seen shooting her bow and arrow with elven grace, as she gallops bareback across the fields of WindDance.  



Robin is the Wild Man who keeps the home fires burning. He unobtrusively prepares and leaves out refreshing snacks and beverages for the Wild Women when they return from the woods.  He also provides warm water and soap to wash our muddy toes. 


Sommer Paqtesm is our Nordic Sister and a Sol Song guide. She is a naturalist, poet, and educator.  Her love of World Flutes, World Drums, and Mother Earth connect her creative fires in a delightful fusion of music, musing, motion and healing through Sound and nature awareness.  A life-long learner, Janina’s years of life in the Peace Country of northern Alberta and BC have invoked a strong love and concern for our land and waters.  All her life, our Nordic Sister has been a student and ambassador for Scandinavian culture and First Nations cultures through studies and first-hand involvement with language, traditions, overseas work and travel, Norse Mythologies and Poetic Eddas.  She continues her interest in Holarctic connections of land, people and wildlife through stories, music, and mysticism as they relate to society’s ever evolving identity.  Sharing stories, exploring spoken word, and embracing the mysteries of Sound and creativity within the Nature that is our Nature is Janina’s passion!