I know some people do not like to dance, but I am guessing you are not one of them. Why else would you be on this page?

If you are like me, dance is a physical expression of being. It can vary from moment to moment  and person to person.  Sol Dance is about freedom. There are no steps to remember or routines. For some this is scarey. We are often programmed to listen to others for direction. Relax there is no right way or wrong way. There are just some ways that feel better for your body than others.

Sol Dance goes deep. It is about listening to your body instead of your brain, allowing the rhthym to guide you while dancing in dimmed light to facilitate a sense of being in a dream state.  Music is correlated to activate and align the 8 main chakras of our being. 

Sessions open with a brief explanation of the chakras, a short meditation and an invitation to expand our fixed movements with imitation, warm up and stretching. We then share our  individual intentions for the session, dance away limitations and invite in manifestation. Our body knows what it needs. It is up to us to listen, and be guided. I facilitate by keeping the energy flowing, interacting only as needed, respecting everyones sacred space.


The sessions are aproximately 2 hours.

$5. per individual

$60. minimum per group

Mileage free within a 25 km radius  of my home (10 km north of Rycroft AB)

50 cents per km beyond.

There is no limit to the amount of participants as long as there is ample space to move.

Wear loose and comfortable cloths,

barefeet or indoor shoes,

bring water, pillow and blanket and yoga mat if available.