A few years ag o I had a dream. A Sami shaman was teaching a course in a class room of about forty people. I arrived and tried to slip in unnoticed. He saw me and gave me a welcoming smile. He then said "Christina, I have been waiting for you. I am so glad you came. I would like like you to offer everybody a word for us. What is it you have to share?" I was a bit perplexed as to how he knew me and why he would be asking me this question, but I took a deep breath and answered. "The word I offer you is 'Sol'. It is the Swedish word for sun and sounds like the English word soul. It is actually both, because the sun is our soul." He looked at me and smiled, then said "Yes. Thank you."


The Sol Us sessions are created to help Us connect with our Sol, the dynamic energy of the sun and soul, that courses through us like a lightening flash from the Great Mystery. In some ways the sessions are similar to wild woman wheels and webs, just put into a tamer environment. They are a way for Us to connect with our wild nature without the side craving for bug protection or rain gear. We may venture outside to receive assistance from Mother Nature but will not intentionally strain the limits of our physical endurance.

 Sol Us sessions get the energy moving and connect us to our  Sol's desire, to dance, drum, sing, relax, envision, laugh, shift and share. 

Some of them can be facilitated in a variety of locations, so if you have a birthday party or a gals night out, I can travel to you. Just let me know and away we go.


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