In keeping with the desire for everyone to have fun without having to worry about monetary issues, there is no fee for vendors but a  donation pot is passed around the circle of vendors. All donations gathered go directly into offsetting the cost of putting on the festival to ensure it will continue the next year. There is no financial sponsorship,  people vounteer their energy, talents and time as a gift from their heart. Community spirit and spring fever power the creation of Matta Fest.

 We welcome earth friendly, non franchise creations and healing services. Registration is required and can be done by e-mailing or phoning Christina @ 780-765-2141.  


People wishing to register as vendors are expected to

1. Pre-Register - to ensure their product or service fits the theme of the festival.

The last few days before Matta fest are quite busy so it is best not to wait to     long if you want to catch someone at home


2. Bring and Finish their own set up before 10:30 am, to accomodate early browsers and allow vendors to be ready for opening ceremony. 


3. Take part in the opening and closing ceremonies at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. ;

Vendors will be given a verbal heads and hearts up  shortly before the ceremonies begin, then a drumming chain of people will come around to gather everyone together in a circle. Any businesss is to be concluded before, or postponed during the ceremony time. The ceremonies are a simple welcoming and giving of gratitude to all present in body and heart, as a rememberance and acknowledgement  that, no matter what our spiritual and phiosophical beleifs, we all walk upon the same Earth under the same Sun. , we are one with the ALL.


4. List ingredients for food and drink products, and meet food safety requirements for health board.


5. Pick up after themselves- Put back any picnic tables that you may have used. Make sure there is no garbage  on the site that may have been left from a product you have sold ie; wrappers, cups, packaging.


6. Relax and enjoy the day, the creativiy and spirit of this region is amazing.