Matta Fest has been taking place at Dunvegan Historical Park in the Central Peace of Alberta since 1999. It is a annual Free Spring celebration which, in good weather, has drawn up to 600 people through out the day. 'MATTA' is the Gypsy word for Mother of ALL, and art portraying Mama Nature abounds at the festival site. Visual and performing artists donate their talent and time in the creation of this event. There is tribal, fusion, and cabbara belly dancing, hula hoop artistry, drumming, musical jamming, circle dancing, meditation/chanting circles, temple dancing, and near midday the ever fun weaving of the Maypole. There are visual artists and crafters and healers who encircle the event with their creations and offer hands on creative activities. For vendor information press the upper left link.


 This annual event takes place the first SUNDAY in May.        

The opening ceremony is at 11:00 a.m.  Everyone present gathers together in a circle to bring in positive, loving energy. At around 4:00 p.m. everyone is invited to join a closing circle to send off the expanded positive, loving energy in gratitude to all, to the ALL.


Sing a song,


share a smile,




was born 


a twin.



Grandmother Bowl...and kin


wait to be touched ...and ring.


harmony and tone, set free...


the resonance...

                                          of Mystery.






         in the wind


                      spirits sing.




In   ...out


              Over   ...under











                               Winter is just ...



a memory.