"I recommended Christina to my daughter. I thought Christina's way of being would be a good fit with my daughters spiritual views. My daughter's mother has never been so right. Everyone expounded on how perfect the wedding ceremony was for my daughter and her husband. Christina did an excellent job of weaving their life view through all aspects of the ceremony. It was the most heart felt and inclusive wedding I have ever witnessed. I was impressed with Christina's ability to keep the ceremony very intimate while giving it an air of expansiveness. Christina's sincerity and forthright manner along with her speaking skills make her an excellent choice as a celebrant."                                                                                        

J. Sinkwich, Toast Masters Vice president, Rycroft A.B.

                                    Hand in hand they walk Life's path together.

Ah! The joy of witnessing  people weaving together two sets of dreams, two hearts, letting them dance with movement, creating a whole new reality. It is a joy to be around those in love and to see how many expressions and forms love can take. No matter what choice a person makes, whether it be the government ceremony or a customized ceremony I always feel my heart beat a little faster when I am in the presence of those who are committing themselves to loving one another.No wedding is the same as any other, even when the same words are chosen. Each person brings their own truth to the words based on who they are as individuals and as a couple.I offer three basic options for weddings. All ceremony choices include a free introductory meeting with me to see if who I am and what I offer fits in with your vision. 

One choice is to use the standard civil marriage ceremony provided by the government of Alberta. I facilitate these ceremonies for the standard Marriage Commisioner rate of $300. The  booklet allows room for a bit of personalization by having a space availale to insert your own personal vows.


The second option is to have a semi-customized Celebrant wedding drawn up around a  template, with a selection of phrases available for you to choose from and include in the ceremony to make it  acloser fit to who you are. The fee for creating and facilitating this type of ceremony is $350.


The third option is to have a completely customized wedding ceremony created to reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple. What makes your relationship unique? What is your personal  love story? What makes your heart beat when you see your betrothed? These ceremonies can be very simple with each word holding poetic strength or more complex with cultural customs, traditions and ritual woven together with metaphor. The initial meeting with you helps me formulate an idea of who you are and what type of ceremony would capture the essence of your love and path together in life. At the end of our meeting  I will give you a questionnaire to fill out so I can include your actual words and thoughts into the ceremony.

If you choose to have me as your celebrant for a customized ceremony, I will be in contact with you on an ongoing basis through e-mail and telephone contact to give you the opportunity to edit what I have written until you are pleased with every aspect of the ceremony. After the ceremony has been approved I will be available for one dress rehearsal. Usually this is the night or day before the wedding is to t celebrant, I will be in contact with you on an ongoing basis through e-mail and telephone contact giving you the opportunity to edit what I have written until you are pleased with every aspect of the ceremony. The fee for a customized wedding is $400.


For all ceremony options mileage is included in the price within a 50 km radius of my home on the wedding day and with 15 km for the dress rehearsal. Outside of this radius I charge 50 cents per km. round trip ( For example if you live 60 km away there would be an additional 10 km mileage fee of $10). My home is near Rycroft. To secure a date a $200 deposit is requested.

 If you require more information please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Christina  




When we contacted Christina,(A.K.A. Yarrow) all we knew about what type of wedding we wanted was that we wanted the ceremony to be unique in that it reflected our personalities, interests and the kind of union we were building. We had nothing specific in mind. Christina was easy and wonderful to work with. She asked questions to get an idea of who we were, what we envisioned our reltionship to be and what we wanted to communicate to our family and friends. After only a few days we had the perfect wedding ceremony, with vows that clearly and simply stated how we were committed to each other.We were so happy with what Christina delivered that I recommended her to my best friend who also wants a tailor made ceremony. Thank - you Christina!


 J. Temple, Calgary,A.B.




take a peek

Beautiful Amazon bride of fire and passion.




Love makes the flames grow brighter and higher.

A pussy willow bouquet, rose petals and champange on ice...

within a  blanket of Love on the ice of the Peace River... time stood still.

The bride arrived through the willows with eyes only for her beloved.

Drawn to her he rose up the hill . With the colours of Love they united.





The Peace river snaked

below a valley of green





It began with the Drum

 the heart beat of the Earth









The circle gathered

connecting their hearts 





Creating sacred space

Within and without

In the space between beats silence was found. Love was beckoned, spoken

in the circle of stones. 






Love shared

was set free



with joy

 and thanks



on the wings of a breeze

The groom arrives by canoe to claim his bride.

The blushing bride awaits her groom.

Bridal entourage at rest.