Mother Nature cries with dew drops at dawn, knowing the sun will rise.


A few springs ago I was gripped by an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I was told it was panic attacks and I couldn't seem to escape these feelings. Christina and another good friend met with me in a natural area of Grande Prairie and, without going into detail, proceeded to cleanse my spirit. It was a very important step in my healing and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

W.Nordell, Visual Artist, Wembley A.B.



Walking the sacred path . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .shifting inner and outer

Our emotions are stored in more places than our brain. Science has found memories cells  in the heart. The heart pumps blood to every part of our body. Think about it. . . We live within a body that feels, on a cellular level, everything we experience. 

Ceremony allows us to shift our inner experience by expressing it in the physical. It gives the heart a chance to greive and expand, through symbolic gestures, actions and sounds. It brings clarity and form to our nebulous experiences.

This excerpt of the short story 'Empowerment' examplifies how simple yet meaningful ceremony can be. It is from nikiflow.wordpress.com 


The young woman drove home from her friends’ house. Her older children talked quietly. The youngest, only three, slept in the back seat. It had been a night of healing for her and, she hoped, for all of her children. For the first time in a long time, she felt a kind of peace. That night, she and her friends had performed a sacred ceremony which joined their two families forever. They each lit candles on a wreath she created. She made the wreathe from pine in the shape of an open heart. Around the edges of the heart were candle holders and cloth flowers she glued in between.  There was one candle for each of them, seven in all. The biggest candle was at the base. On one side of the wreathe were two smaller candles, and on the other were four. The two on the right symbolized her baby’s new parents. Each of her children and the woman herself was symbolized by the four candles on the left of the wreathe.


The young woman lit her candle first and then her children lit theirs from hers. Then she used her candle to light the biggest candle at the base which represented her baby daughter. From there, the baby’s new mom and dad lit their candles. It was a quiet ceremony but the emotion was strong for all of them.  Their baby slept in her new mother’s arms. This cut, the young woman knew, was deep.  In time, it might heal.  They were all family now.   The young woman gazed at her baby daughter and at the amazing two people who opened their hearts to her entire family.   Over the months leading to saying goodbye to their little one, the children were confused and upset. The young woman knew she had to find a way to give her children peace and to assuage their grief.   She had read somewhere that ceremony is an important way to get past grief.  She hoped this ceremony would help her children, especially.  Their pain was hardest to bare.  She realized, with gratitude, that the ceremony had helped her.  She could begin to move on now.


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