(empowering a woman for birth)

I don't think I have ever had an event that was about me - you know like a birthday and such - that ever came as close to being as monumental in how supported, loved and celebrated I felt, as at the Bless-Away ceremony Christina did for me. Afterwards I felt energized and so much more confident about the upcoming birth. It was a powerful and emotionally touching experience for me and I believe it was for my friends and family who attended as well. The birth of my son went awesomely just like everyone had wished for me.

What a way to welcome new life into the world!


A. Maksymetz, Grande Prairie, AB.



"Shortly before my second daughter was born Christina surprised me with a bless away in her willow moon dome. In a gathering of friends and family we reconnected with the Earth and the feminine power that surrounds us. I felt embraced by all the mothers in the universe who had at one time shared my anticipation, my anxiety, my love and my fear. It brought me peace."

                                                                                S. Piccard, Grande Prairie, AB.

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