SolLuna is a 10 foot cement statue


created in 1999.


She stands with her protective


Goddess energy on WindDance


by the banks of the Spirit River.



 She was created with a welded metal base,


wire mesh, concrete and stucco,


blended to match the Wolf Willows


which grow beside her.




I discovered this little 20 cm.


Goddess on a river rock,


turns out my daughter had


created her the day before.


What a lovely sight for the eyes and soul.









The following wild and wonderful creations are the inspirations of Ernst Cedar'Beithestrom. For more information/prices and custom orders he can be contacted at: or by phone at: 250-719-1686


Titled: Gluttony


This creature is in the process of devouring a large snake. Its legs and arms are weak and spindly, but its belly is sagging low, from the result of its insatiable hunger. In some ways this statue is symbolic of how greed is self destructive, as the creature is clearly in a poor state of health but is unable to control its habit. Snakes are also often associated with life and creation so it is fitting that the Gluttony is devouring it. 

Titled: Breaking Free


This piece represents the process of breaking free from a former state of being. Whether that be a current mental, energetic, or emotional state, or perhaps he is attemping to break free from a work situation, or relationship, or addiction. No one knows if this man succeeds or fails. He is simply trying.

Titled: Dreaming


Titled: Elder Tree


Light a candle inside this ancient tree and watch his eyes dance from the firelight


The Inbetween Time




The skull is for death. The dragon is for life. Together they form the union between death/destruction

and life/creation. 

Titled: BACK OFF!!

Titled: Cryphicys,

the water dragon



Keeper of the Forest Wisdom

This is one of my first attempts at soap stone carving. Its a flower necklace I made for my wife as an anniversary gift. Needless to say this one is not for sale, but I'd be happy to try my hand at some more creations