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What is wild wisdom within?

It  is the part that yearns to be free, unencumbered by social prodical and  political correctness. Originally this web site only had webs and wheels for women.  Due to interest we are now in the process of adding an all man wheel, for men who are interested in connecting with Earth energies and their inner wild man. We will also be looking at adding a co-ed wild wisdom wheel for those women and men who have completed a wild woman or wild man introductory wheel. Email winddance@live.ca for more info.

The 'Wild Wisdom Within' site also includes information for unique ceremonies, celebrant services and Nordic Mystery courses and sessions.


Hear the ancient whisperings of the Wyrd Wind. Follow it down...down...down... the wombline, into the spiraling roots of your instinctual core.


There is no taming of how the Wild Woman expressing herself in our lives. Wild is Wild. For some she is found by opening up to the sense of smell... while soaking in a tub of warm water and essential oils. For others she is accessed by hearing the deep and steady beat of a drum. One thing is certain though ...if she feels trapped or denied, she will make herself known in ways that challenge us.

Contrary to popular belief, being Wild is not about being self destructive. It is about self preservation, keeping the intuitive, instinctual nature alive and free. Respect is the Key.

Unlock, and open the door.


Find out what brings your Wild Woman joy, then spiral into the void and do it! 



The Wild Woman Way webs and wheels are about feeling our barefeet upon the Earth and getting dirty... discarding limited perceptions of who we are, letting go of societys mirror... going outside the comfort of buildings to embrace the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in the arms of Mama Nature... exploring our connection to the Great Mystery in a natural environment... feeling an intimate connection and oneness to ALL.

The term Wild means there is no set procedure for bonding with the pulse of life energy moving through and around us, opportunities are gathered and offered as the need arises, chosen intuitively with respect to their origins. Our Wild essence is tracked and discovered with adventure and creative chaos. Inner and outer landscapes are explored through meditation and sharing circles. Dancing, drumming, singing and the magic of story are used to touch and feel different realities where shapeshifting is seen as part of the process and not the result of such.


Freeing the wild woman within involves having a one to one contact relationship with Nature, to honour that she is not a fairy tale of sweetness. She is BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. She is not always pretty and mud does not scare her



I lean my back against your bark

and sink into your spine.

In silence... you speak to me

and go beyond all words.


Standing Sister, thank you

for teaching me to grow...

to touch earth and sky as one,

to feel the life, love flow.